Victoria Stevens with Prescious Robinson, Principal of Barrett Elementary School in South Los Angeles should not dispute nor assert, but whisper results to his neighbor, and thus, by every germ of spirit sucking the sap from mold etherial, every human being might become great, and Humanity instead of being a wide heath of Furze and briars with here and there a remote Pine or Oak, would become a grand democracy of Forest Trees.


Our staff really enjoyed the PD.

Dr. Stevens is so informative and has a good sense of what's going on in the classroom.

She was great even with the time constraints!

Thanks for the wealth of knowledge she shared.

~Dorrie Woods, Assist. Principal, Barrett Elementary School, written to Tiffany Shirley, Program Field Liason, Children Uniting Nations, 2012

We need an education that values different modes of intelligence and sees relationships between disciplines. To achieve this, there must be a different balance of priorities between the arts, sciences and humanities in education and in the forms of thinking they promote. They should be taught in ways that reflect their intimate connections in the world beyond education. Achieving this is not easy but the benefits of success are substantial and the price of failure is high.

~Sir Ken Robinson, 2001


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