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The function of the imagination is not to make strange things settled, so much as to make settled things strange.

~G.K. Chesterton

November 14, 2008

At the Heart of the Curriculum

California Arts Education Association: Art Bridges the Gap
Presentation for the Administrative Strand
Burlingame, California

November 3, 2008

Pre-Concert Class for Chamber Music Palisades:
The Science of Music for 4th and 5th grades

Marquez Elementary School, Pacific Palisades, California

October 31-November 1, 2008

From Rat Brains at Play to Transformational Educational Youth Programs

First Annual Conference on the State of Play Science
National Institute for Play
Stanford University

October 27, 2008

Pre-Concert Class for Chamber Music Palisades:
The Science of Music for 4th grade
Trinity Elementary School, Los Angeles

October 25, 2008

Brain Research and the Development of Creativity through Play in Art Education

RIMS California Arts Project Convocation
California State University, San Bernardino

October 21 & 22, 2008

The Brain: What Research is Discovering about Learning

Dr. Stevens shared current brain research related to learning and specifically learning in the arts. An interactive facilitated discussion followed allowing the audience to surface implications for their own work in developing standards-based arts assessments, and to provide feedback on student learning both classroom and programmatic.

The STEM: A National Conference in California on Arts Assessment
Sheraton Universal, Universal City in Los Angeles

Co-presented by The California Arts project, The California Department of Education, and State Collaborative on Assessment & Student Standards in cooperation with the Arts Education Branch of Los Angeles Unified School District

September 16, 2008

Arts Education Instruction Research

California State Department of Education – Visual and Performing Arts
County Arts Leads Meeting, Sacramento, CA

I am writing to thank you for openly sharing your wisdom and passion for our children, arts education and for humanity. I've been in attendance at both of your presentations to the County Arts Leads meeting, and each time I was left awestruck. Your words reach me on so many levels: as a child of neglect, as a mother of two young children, as a buddhist, a teacher and as an administrator. Every word has meaning.

~Karin Demarest, Sonoma County Arts Lead

September 15, 2008

Imagination, Creativity and Metacognition:
The Development of Essential Skills for the 21st Century

Sacramento County Office of Education - Arts Education Program
Sacramento, CA

August 4-8, 2008

Teaching and Learning Through the Arts:
Building Capacity for Student Success

Held at the Arts Teach Summer Professional Development Institute
Orange County Performing Artscenter


Victoria Stevens, Ph.D.

The ArtsTeach Summer Leadership Institute was presented by the Orange County Performing Arts Center in partnership with the Orange County Museum of Art, Orange County Department of Education and UC Irvine Extension. Dr. Stevens presented the keynote address entitled: "Creativity, Imagination, Metacognition and Empathy: The Importance of the Arts for Education in the 21st Century" and over the weeklong institute presented three workshops: The Basics of Art Education; Community Resources: Integrating Professional Artists into the Classroom; Integrated and Interdisciplinary Arts Education Workshop; Practical Applications, and an Endnote Address.

> Letter received from Nancy Carr, Visual and Performing Arts Consultant, California Department of Education about the Orange County Performing Arts Center ArtsTeach Summer Leadership Institute

May 13, 2008

Art, Creativity, and Critical Thinking - Suzanne Isken and Dr. Victoria Stevens

The Dr. Howard Gluss Show

Suzanne Isken, Director of Art Education for MOCA, The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Arts and Dr. Victoria Stevens, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Professor, and Researcher discuss art, critical thinking, imagination, creativity and art education.

xxPart 1 (16:39)

xxPart 2 (10:48)

xxPart 3 (6:49)

March 17, 2008

Art on the Brain
A presentation of Arts in the Schools

The following are links to QuickTime videos. Click here to download for free, the latest version of QuickTime Player.

Art on the Brain Part 1 of 2 (13:53)

Art on the Brain Part 2 of 2 (14:50)

In March of 2008, Dr. Stevens presented a talk for arts organizations, teachers, parents, and business leaders about the importance of arts education for all children sponsored  by the Forest Theatre Guild, Carmel-By-The-Sea in Carmel, CA. This was a prelude to her talk the next day for the Region 5 Arts Education Forum sponsored by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education entitled: "Open the Doors to Arts Education". The topic of her Keynote Address was "Creativity, Empathy, Imagination and Metacognition: What Affective Neurobiology Tells Us about the Importance of Arts Education for All Children."

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