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Impacting Educational Reform thru Social Change

The Creative Edge
Arts education takes center stage in this blog from Arts Orange County

State of Maine Arts Education

Serving Central California

The Importance of an Arts Enriched Education

Arts Integration
Get smART: Redesigning Education with the Arts in Mind

Arts educators cannot allow the arts to be justified wholly or primarily in terms of what the arts can do for mathematics or reading. The arts must stand on what they teach directly. If along the way we find that the arts also facilitate academic learning in other subjects. then we have a wonderful side effect. But in justifying arts programs on an instrumental basis, we devalue the arts and fall prey to the anti-arts or arts-as-frills strain that accompanies the back -to-basics movement in the United States.

~Hetland and Winner, 2008

Children Uniting Nations Academic Mentor Program

Overview of purposes of Academic Mentor Training Program and other Training programs re: Mental Health that are part of the CUN programs for foster children in LAUSD.

Given advances in understanding developmental neurobiology, we now know that the “nature v. nurture” dichotomy is no longer clear. We know that genetics predispose us to develop in certain ways, but we also now know that our interactions with our environment have a significant effect upon how those predispositions will be expressed – even with regard to gene expression itself. These interactions with our environment organize our brain’s development and therefore, shape our future behavior..

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles
Contemporary Art Start Curriculum Guide Launch and Evaluation Project

The Relationship Between Training in and Exposure to Contemporary Visual Art and Creative Thinking and Metacognition in Elementary School Student

The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of The Museum of Contemporary Art’s Contemporary Art Start (CAS) program by measuring whether there was a significant positive change in the creative and metacognitive skills of participating students. The study was also motivated by the desire to make a significant contribution to current research on arts education and museum education in particular. We see this as a preliminary study that will provide crucial information for future program improvements and research.

Formal article to be published soon

Cushing and Cushing – Management Consulting

Meta-analysis of over 250 companies isolating factors contributing to systemic problems. Major outcome were hiring and promotional mistakes that compromised the ability of the company to be successful. Developed a two-day seminar for executives about Picking People that increases the probability of a good match between a candidate and a company, a position and those they are both reporting to and responsible for. With the Cushings, Dr. Stevens led several of these seminars for major corporations and subsequently led many versions of this seminar called Selections for Productive Learning and Leisure.

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