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The Importance of an Arts Enriched Education

Arts Integration
Get smART: Redesigning Education with the Arts in Mind

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Absolutely inspirational! Your presentation at our Region 10 Visual and Performing Arts Forum, was so well received by our participants and provided the much needed connection to brain research and how the arts are truly our first language for understanding and making meaning in the world. Your contagious enthusiasm for the arts and the research you present supported all of us in our commitment to provide quality arts education for all students in California. It was evident from conversations and our evaluations that your presentation was greatly appreciated by everyone.

Bonnie Tillotson, VAPA Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator
San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

~Albert Einstein

Academic Training

Emotions (Emotional Regulation through Play)
Aesthetic Education through the Arts
Thinking and Metacognition
Imagination and Empathy

This is Dr. Stevens' developmental approach to curriculum planning and pedagogy for teachers pre-K – 12th grade based upon current research about brain development, emotional regulation and learning.

All services are based on this approach:

  • Professional Development for teachers - half-day to two-day in-services or week-long professional development intensive workshops
  • Ongoing follow-up seminars and supervision/consultation for teachers
  • Informational sessions for Principals and Administrators
  • Trainings for school counselors, psychologists, tutors and those working with special-needs children
  • Trainings for Artist-teachers
  • Special workshops for parents

Corporate Training

Dr. Stevens also offers trainings for corporations and individuals focusing on creative thinking skills in the following areas:

Decision-making; conflict resolution; stress management; picking people (hiring, firing, lateral moves, promotions); team-building and teamwork skills; leadership; creative imagination re: business direction, products, innovation and communication skills.

These can be in-house or in an intensive retreat format.

Dr. Stevens is available for public addresses and keynote speeches


Following is a complimentary letter received recently from Karol Gates, Secretary, Executive Board, SEADAE, Colorado, Arts Content Specialist. Thank you, Karol...

April 9, 2012

Dr. Victoria Stevens,

On behalf of SEADAE, State Education Directors of Arts Education, it is my pleasure to extend our gratitude and sincere appreciation for your time and expertise for our March Professional Development training, Creativity and the Arts. The webinar provided comprehensive resources and thought provoking updates that will, no doubt, inform our thinking in state level service for years to come.

The emphasis on 21st century skills throughout the nation has certainly provided a national platform for the importance of creativity in education. Having a clear understanding of what creativity is and how to move into the practice of embedding creativity into teaching and learning is critical to state planning. The information you provided was timely, informative and solidifies the need to explicitly define and train educators on how to build creative opportunities in the classroom.

Your clarification regarding creativity as a process that can and should be taught and how the elements of creativity are manifested in practice through processes such as metacognition, play, creative thinking, and imagination illustrated what creativity looks like in a classroom setting. Emphasizing how creativity emerges in a classroom setting and what implications can occur in practice through pedagogy and assessment were important clarifications. This information will provide state arts directors a highly needed "toolkit" to use as a reference for standards writing, implementation and assessment.

We are truly fortunate to have partners of your caliber willing to share their time and talents with our organization. In training our network of state directors, the ultimate goal is to improve teaching and learning in each and every state in the nation. Your contribution is vital and we could not serve our states without the assistance of highly informed professionals like you!

Thank you again for your service and we hope to continue this valuable dialogue in the future!

Karol Gates
Secretary, Executive Board
Colorado, Arts Content Specialist

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